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A very tired mother

A Quick Way To Understand And Write About Disoriented Characters

Sometimes the characters we write about get disoriented for one reason or another. You can read about that sort of thing, but if it hasn’t happened to you it’s hard to understand. Without understanding what it feels like, it’s a bit harder to portray it with any accuracy. Now, don’t go out and hit yourself… Read This Article

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An Elvish Archer

Writing Fantasy Races: Elves? Which Elves?

Out of all the fantasy races, Elves are my favorite. Tolkien’s elves, Warhammer Elves, any given Elf in a video game. Not the Keebler Elves, though their cookies are at least decent. Nor Christmas Elves with their match-matchy outfits. Elf on a Shelf is especially right out. Yes, he’s a Christmas elf, but he gets… Read This Article

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The Best Writing Software For Books, Novels, Stories, and Blogging

Writing software options were limited when I was a kid, but now it’s everywhere. This is the software I use to write novels, books, and articles.

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My Writing Process For Fiction 2016

Having a solid process for writing has made all the difference. It’s not perfect, but I humbly share my own writing process.

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Sometimes, Characters Leave The Party

A change of address from some good friends made me re-think how we write characters in groups.

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Top 10 Best Sellers in Amazon Fantasy – May 9, 2016

It occurred to me that there’s some value in keeping watch on the top 10 sellers in Amazon’s fantasy section. Here’s what’s popular on May 9, 2016.

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