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About David Brooks

David Brooks wrote his first book at age 5, it was about dinosaurs. It is also not recommended by the author.

At age 11, David became a published poet in a national anthology of young poets. If you had asked him, he would have rather written about dinosaurs or “magic stuff”.

During High School, David’s focus was on lyrics for songs and fantasy literature. His fantasy writings would serve as a basis for the world of Elerien. And, in the first semester of College at Spring Arbor University, he created the written Chimarin language because “I can do my homework later tonight.” (Kids, don’t do that.)

Through his travels, David began to study language and culture. That materialized as an Undergraduate degree in Spanish Literature, and a Masters degree in Intercultural Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary.

On a whim, David began to write and revise the stories that had bounced around in his head for almost sixteen years. His first book is being edited and due to release “in the nearish future” from Northward Publishing.

David is also not the writer for the New York Times.

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