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Writing Fantasy Races: Elves? Which Elves?

Out of all the fantasy races, Elves are my favorite. Tolkien’s elves, Warhammer Elves, any given Elf in a video game. Not the Keebler Elves, though their cookies are at least decent. Nor Christmas Elves with their match-matchy outfits. Elf on a Shelf is especially right out. Yes, he’s a Christmas elf, but he gets… Read This Article

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Best sellers of Amazon Fantasy

Top 10 Best Sellers in Amazon Fantasy – May 9, 2016

It occurred to me that there’s some value in keeping watch on the top 10 sellers in Amazon’s fantasy section. Here’s what’s popular on May 9, 2016.

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A squirrel with horns

Naming Your Fantasy Creature

Now that you’re knee-deep in creature design, you’ll have to name the thing. And good names are hard to come by. Kinda. This is my process for naming things.

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