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A man at a desk, writing

My Writing Process For Fiction 2016

Having a solid process for writing has made all the difference. It’s not perfect, but I humbly share my own writing process.

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An Old book, and a Fountain Pen

Why Do I Write?

As I start this blog, and before I talk about what it is that I’m writing, I thought it might make sense to put down a few thoughts.

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An Archer in the Mountains

Or, Start With a World

In my last article I explained how I usually start with a character and then move toward the world. But I don’t always follow that to the letter. Sometimes you have a world in need of a character. This is how I personally handle that setup.

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A man and a woman walking away from an explosion


One of my favorite musicians once admitted to sabotaging relationships because it kept things fresh, and helped him write better music. I never understood it with real people, but the idea is perfect for not-so-real people.

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A Doomsday Prepper With Gas Mask and Guns

It’s Okay To Write Strange Characters

This is my second time watching the Doomsday Preppers series. There’s a whole lot that I could say about it, but the one thing that stands out is how completely blind we are to our own biases and oddities.

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A job interview

The Imaginary Interview

As we were driving home from Disney World I thought to myself, “how could I land a job writing for Disney?” My wife and daughter were both zonked out as I drove into the late hours, and that gave me about four hours to think.

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A guy holding guns in an old building

Character Design: Writing Consistent Characters

One of my biggest pet-peeves in stories is the use of a character to drive the plot the wrong way. You’ll notice it from time to time, if you’re watching for it. It goes like this: an author writes a character one way for the majority of the plot, then, they just change that character. It throws the character under the bus.

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A woman looking at a painting

Terrible Plot, Critique, and Taking Advice

Sometimes the things we write aren’t perfect and we need a different perspective.

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A Man, Copying a Book

Similarity in Writing. Or, “How Close is Too Close?”

In a previous article, I encroached on the concept of encroaching on someone else’s story. (That last bit about the cave and the coin.) And I thought it might be worth a followup about the theme of similarity.

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Ghostly hands on a typewriter

A Ghostwriter, Ghostwriting Ghosts

A few thoughts about why I write, and why hiring a ghostwriter isn’t a thing I do.

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