Tell Me a Star Wars Story

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Princess Leia, holding a blaster

Last night as I was putting my daughter to bed, I asked her what kind of a story she wanted.

“I want a Star Wars story,” she said.

I was a bit surprised because I hadn’t talked with her about Star Wars. (She’s only a few months past five years old.)

“What kind of a Star Wars story?” I asked.
“One with space ships, and dinosaurs, and princesses.”
“Where did you hear about these Star Wars stories?”

She pointed at my shirt, which was a gift two years ago from my wife. On my shirt was Chewbacca, riding a velociraptor.

It was a really great conversation for me, because I could see her imagination at work, filling in the details she didn’t know. But it was also a reminder that the little things I do, and what I write will be reflected in her questions and thoughts. If I ever release the stories I write, with any luck other kids like her will ask questions about them. Some will even think about them for more than 10 minutes. I want my stories to be tellable, to teach about good, about strength.

So I told her the good parts of the story about Princess Leia. No spoilers, of course.

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